My Confessions as The Mother of a Biracial Son


This is our family.

The events this past week, this past month, these past months, years, and decades directly impact our family.

And, like I often do, I had to sit down and write about it.

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Let’s continue the conversation. 


2 thoughts on “My Confessions as The Mother of a Biracial Son

  1. Wendy, What a wonderfully powerful, insightful, and, as always, heartfelt piece! The perfect statement for our times. Every time I read one of your posts, I have only one regret–that we did not take the opportunity for more conversation with you when we were neighbors. So glad that we, at least, have the opportunity for these e-conversations. Hugs and thoughtful good wishes to you and the guys… Zhita


    • Zhita, thank you so much for your loving words! I truly appreciate you reading my work. I miss being neighbors, and I admit I often find it easier to express myself through writing than by speaking. I am honored to share this conversation with you.


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