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Who:  I am Wendy Kennar.  Former elementary school teacher.  Current writer.  Always wife and mother.

What:  I write personal essays and nonfiction.  Much of my writing is inspired by:

  • my years as a teacher (I taught for 12 years at the same school),
  • my parenting experiences (my son is 10 years old),
  • my experiences living with an autoimmune disease (seven years and counting).

When:  I write a new blog post each Wednesday.  Be sure to sign up to receive an email notification when a new post is up!

Where:  I write from Los Angeles and have in fact lived my entire life within the same zip code.   

Why:  I’ve always been described as “quiet.”  The truth is, I’m usually just biting my tongue.  I’ve got lots to say, I just usually prefer to write it.  I may no longer teach in a classroom, but it is my hope that my writing serves as another way to educate.

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