More Than Meets the Eye

handicapped spot (photo by Wendy Kennar)

I don’t consider myself a particularly loud, out-spoken person.  I have my opinions, of course, but generally find it easier to write them than to say them. 

Lately, several people in my life have been encouraging me to obtain a disabled person placard to use when I’m out and about and parking far away.  I strongly resist it, and though I know all these people mean well and are just trying to look after my own well-being, I just can’t make myself get one of those placards.  So I did what I usually do — I wrote about it.  The essay was published online at Role Reboot; here’s the link:

And I’m hoping that after reading this piece, you may think twice before prematurely judging someone who parked in a handicapped spot even though he/she doesn’t “look” handicapped.

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