Very Structured

I started getting pedicures a couple of years ago.  Often times, I don’t even have my nails polished — I’m just there for the convenience of having someone else cut my nails so I don’t cause myself additional discomfort trying to do it myself.

On Monday, I went for a pedicure, and inspired by the warmer weather we’ve been having, I did have my toenails polished.  A pretty shade that caught my eye.  This particular hue is described as a “classic burnt sienna.”  But what stuck in my head was the name of the color — Very Structured.  

I am a “very structured” person.  Certain chores like laundry, writing bills, and grocery shopping are done on certain days of the week.  I prepare dinner at the same time each night.  I write daily “to do” lists.  I publish this blog each Wednesday. 

And, apparently, even in my choice of nail polish, I’m “very structured.”

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