Chronic Illness and an Octopus

Over the years, more and more of my writing has described different aspects of my life with a chronic illness. 

Writing about it is different than talking about it.

But that’s what I recently did.

Julie Morgenlender, editor of The Things We Don’t Say: An Anthology of Chronic Illness Truths, recently spoke with me about my experience living with a chronic illness. Among other things, we talked about invisible disabilities and illnesses, ableism, diagnoses, and octopuses!

You can watch the video on YouTube by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Chronic Illness and an Octopus

  1. Wendy, Thanks sooo much for sharing this interview!!! It is poignant, educational, and feels so personal because we know you and have seen you go through the drastic changes in your life. As you have said, as your neighbors, we had a casual relationship. We always enjoyed seeing you and your family, but we did not get together for long conversations. Reading the things that you post now, makes us feel so close–even though we live miles apart and seldom see each other. Gentle hugs and warm loving wishes, Zhita and Jim


    • Zhita and Jim, your kind words, encouragement, and “gentle hugs” mean so much! Thank you for continuing to stay in touch and for your support. It means a great deal to me! Sending “gentle hugs” right back!


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