Good Karma

photo of Multiple Choice (photo by Wendy Kennar)

It was a very simple exchange. As I was leaving my gated community and waiting for the gate to open on my side, a driver on the opposite side was having difficulty opening the gate with his clicker.

I picked up my clicker, aimed it at his side, and the gate opened.  He waved his hand in thanks.  We each began to drive through the gates.  But he stopped, rolled down his window, and told me, “You’re so nice.  Thanks so much for caring.”

That quick exchange happened a week ago, but I’d like to think of it as a deposit in the good-karma bank.  I did something nice for someone else.  It obviously made an impact because that driver didn’t just wave his hand as a quick thank you, he spoke to me.  He thanked me. 

And I know I left that exchange feeling good.  Feeling proud that something I had done had such a positive impact on someone else.  And it left me hopeful that the other driver would carry with him the memory of me doing something nice to help him.  Because maybe it would influence his later actions.  Maybe he would do something nice for someone else, just because it was a nice thing to do.

And maybe, more people would go about their days thinking there really were kind people out in the world. 

After all, one of Claire Cook’s characters in Multiple Choice said it best:  “Karma is a boomerang.”

2 thoughts on “Good Karma

  1. Wendy. I know your mom has told you how much I enjoy reading all of your articles. I am in awe of your writing abilities, a true gift. I felt moved to comment about this essay because this is how I live my life, one good deed at a time. I am a do-gooder for the simple pleasure of making someone else’s life easier if only for a second. I, too, believe Karma is a boomerang. While I was going through my cancer treatment, I had so much good Karma coming my way that it helped me get through my ordeal. I look forward to reading your thoughts each Wednesday. Until next week….


    • Hi Judy! Thank you so much for reading my writing, and for commenting on this particular piece. Thank you, also, for spreading the message of doing good deeds simply because it’s the right thing to do!


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