Coffee, Tea, and Me

coffee mug (photo by Wendy Kennar)

Dear Readers,

A version of this post appeared on my first blog back in 2013.  But recently, I was waiting for my blended mocha at my local Coffee Bean and found myself glancing at the bags of coffee on sale.  I thought it might be a good time to post a slightly updated version of this post.  Enjoy!

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I’m not a coffee drinker.  My morning beverage of choice is a mug-full of apple juice, with one ice cube.  I do, however, enjoy the occasional coffee-type beverage, either a cafe mocha or an iced blended mocha (depending on the weather).

Recently, while at my local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I noticed the signs for the bags of coffee they sell.  And I realized, that my personality was written on those shelf tags.  I can be succinctly summed up using the same adjectives that describe international coffee beans.

  1. Light and subtle.  I am Caucasian, which means that my skin color is considered light.  I hope I am subtle in many ways including my sarcasm and my fragrances.  Generally, I think less is more on both counts. 

2. Light and distinctive.  I do not limit myself by only wearing dark clothes, nor do I outline my eyes with dark eyeliner.  However, I want to be distinctive; I want to stand-out and not look like everyone else walking in and out of Coffee Bean.  My jewelry, I think, achieves that goal.  Rings on eight of my ten fingers.  Earrings and necklace to match the day’s outfit.  Two bracelets, a watch, and an anklet complete the ensemble.

3. Medium and smooth.  I am of medium height at 5’6”.  And my daily application of lotion is to try and maintain smooth skin.  I want my hands to be welcomed, as I tenderly smooth my son’s hair and kiss him good-night.

4. Dark and distinctive.  I am not a blonde-haired, blue-eyed California girl.  I am instead a brown-haired, brown-eyed California girl.  And while my jewelry may make the top part of me distinctive, my footwear takes care of the bottom part of me.  I am a person who is usually walking around in either tennis shoes or clogs. Unlike other California girls, no high heels or flip flops can be found in my closet.

5. Decaffeinated.  I pride myself on being rather level-headed, sensible, and down-to-earth.  I am not overly hyper or overly loud.  When I was teaching, I was frequently told that I had a calming way with my students.

6. Flavored.  Anyone who peeks inside my bathroom will find a cornucopia of flavors that are used to cleanse my body.  My shampoo and conditioner are blackberry sage tea flavored.  My body wash is sweet pea and violet fragrance.  And for my skin, it’s sweet pea body lotion. 

There you have it.  Wendy Kennar, in a coffee bean (instead of a nutshell).

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