White Christmas

White Christmas program (photo by Wendy Kennar)

On Sunday, we took our eight-and-a-half year old son to see the theatrical production of White Christmas. He’s never seen the movie, but prior to buying tickets, I showed him a couple of clips on YouTube to see if he’d be interested in the show.  He was.

Our son is very musical.  He loves to sing, and he loves to dance.  So it seemed like White Christmas would be an ideal choice for his first theatrical stage show.  (My son did attend a small theater production of Sleeping Beauty with his second grade class last year).

My son was enraptured during the performance.  He smiled, he oohed and aahed when the artificial snow came out near the end.  He clapped enthusiastically.  And he told us he’d like to see another show again.

Although before the show, my son was a bit nervous.  As we settled into our seats, my son had wanted to know if there were any bad guys in the show.  Was there anything bad that would happen?  And I could confidently answer “no.” 

Which makes me love White christmas even more.  It’s all about friendship and love.  About doing something nice for someone else.  About having faith in others.  Important lessons for all of us.

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