The Here and Now

Friday, September 22nd was the first day of fall.  After school that day, my son and I spent some time putting out our fall decorations — a leaf-shaped candle-holder on our dining table, artificial leaves in a glass vase, and a leaf garland wrapped around our staircase.

October 1st is on Sunday.  On that day, I’ll climb up on the step-ladder and get out our Halloween decorations.  We’ll have fun getting the house ready for Halloween by hanging up drawings and paintings Ryan has made at school, setting out pumpkin containers, and hanging a glittery pumpkin on our door.

That’s how we decorate — seasonally.  While we may watch White Christmas year-round (it’s one of Ryan’s favorite movies), we don’t decorate the house with Christmas decorations until it’s December.

I wish stores did that.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find it quite unsettling to be shopping for Ryan’s Halloween costume while seeing artificial Christmas trees on display right next to the bags of trick-or-treat candy. 

What happened to savoring the moment?  To appreciating the now instead of fast-forwarding to the next thing?  (And let’s be honest, Christmas isn’t even next after Halloween).

My brain may skip ahead to the next thing on my to-do list, to the car insurance due in November, to the smog check that is due in December, but at least in terms of holiday decor I’ve learned to stay in the present.


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