A “Sort-Of” Travel Writer

Have you ever been to Harmony, on California’s Central Coast? We were there this past summer.


When I was a girl, I kept a large plastic container under my twin-sized bed.  This container was my “travel box.” 

I’d read the Travel Section of the Sunday Los Angeles Times and find 800 phone numbers to call and request free brochures (these were the pre-internet days).  I’d cut out articles and pictures from the paper.  And once the brochures arrived in the mail, I stored them in my travel box.

I’m turning 42 this year, and most of the places that were in my travel box remain on my “someday” list.  Someday I’ll visit my pen pal in Japan.  Someday I’ll eat gelato in Italy and ride a real gondola in Venice (even though the one in Naples, Long Beach was quite charming).

For now, my family and I take our yearly California trips.  We try to do two a year (though last year we had to cancel one of our trips due to my health).

And, on a regular basis, I write about different neighborhoods and cities all around Los Angeles.  It allows me to be a bit of a virtual explorer, and hopefully my writing is inspiring others to take a day trip or explore a new area of town. 

Click here to check out the Neighborhood Guide I’ve been working on for MomsLA.com.

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