In Honor of Mothers and Teachers

When he was in preschool, my now twelve-year-old son made me this necklace for Mother’s Day.

Long before I became a mother, I celebrated Mother’s Day.

And I don’t just mean by honoring my amazing mom.

Each May, my students created Mother’s Day gifts for the special woman in their lives. For some students, that woman wasn’t their mother but their grandmother, aunt, older sister, or step-mom.

In honor of Mother’s Day, the special women who make a difference in a child’s life, and the teachers who help children honor these women with forever-treasured mementoes, I’d like to share a recently published personal essay. Click here to read “How Teachers Help Make Mother’s Day Special” published on

2 thoughts on “In Honor of Mothers and Teachers

  1. Another Wendy treasure! As an 85-year-old Mom, by heart swells with joy when I read your powerful and loving words. They so express the joy that I feel when my grand-kids, ages 17-23 and my daughters, ages 53-59, give me Mothers Day cards. The memories they evoke are treasured, as are your poignant descriptions of life and love…


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