The Present is a Gift

Let me begin by saying I write these weekly blog posts in advance. You receive them in your inbox each Wednesday morning, but I write them before Wednesday. 

Which means what you’re reading today has been written before the results of the United States election were made available.

So I don’t know what this morning looks like. I don’t know what the election results show. 

But I’m hopeful.

And really, with so much uncertainty in the world, that’s all anyone can really do. Begin each day hopeful. Begin each day with the awareness and recognition that, no matter what, each day is a gift. 

I try. 

Hanging in my bathroom, I have a small, framed piece of art created by Flavia Weedn. It is a reminder to appreciate each day as a precious gift. It is a reminder that each day is a promise of beauty and grace and wonder and magic.

That is my hope for today. 


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