Los Angeles With Kids

For my readers who live anywhere but Los Angeles — Los Angeles is a big, complex city. 

For my readers who live in Los Angeles — Los Angeles is a big, complex city.

It’s easy to get into a routine — visiting the same Italian restaurant, always going to the same movie theater, enjoying ice cream at the same shop. 

That’s where a new book comes into play — Los Angeles With Kids: 250+ ideas for ways to have fun, explore SoCal, and never have a boring weekend again.

MomsLA.com has created a book that serves as the guide for families. It’s full of fun things to see and do, much like what you’ll read on the MomsLA website, but now in book form. 

This book has it all, in an easy-to-read format. Maps, photos, illustrations, brief descriptions. It’s the perfect gift for visiting family members. Let them take a look at the book and mark some of the locations that they definitely want to visit with you. 

And, it’s also a great resource for families. A reminder that part of what makes Los Angeles so special is the fact that it’s a big, complex city. A city home to a space shuttle and external tank (at the California Science Center) and an Air Force One you can walk through (at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum). 

I’m proud to write for MomsLA.com, and I’m proud to share that I contributed to this special book.

And I’m excited for families to check out this book and start making new memories all around LA.

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