Raising “Obama Babies” and “Kamala Kids”

Ryan, almost 10 months old, applauding during President Obama’s Inauguration, January 2009

“I consider my almost-thirteen year old son to be an “Obama Baby.”

It’s all about the math. Ryan was born the year President Obama was elected as our nation’s first African-American President.”

Those words begin a personal essay that was just published on Motherwell Magazine’s Facebook page. Click here to read “Raising Obama Babies and Kamala Kids,” and please help spread the word.

A Visual Representation of Hope

My top purchase during these last few months?

The one I look at, over and over, with gratitude, that has a place of prominence in my home?

Pete Souza’s collection, Obama: An Intimate Portrait. 

I’ve wanted to add this impressive book to my library since I first read about it and then saw it in my local Barnes and Noble.

But – the book was $50. It was big and heavy. It took up a lot of space. 

All that was true. And still true.

Except for the $50. I found the book on sale, and being the bargain-shopper I am, bought myself a well-deserved present.

But then Mr. Souza’s book arrived, protectively wrapped in cellophane, and I hesitated to open it. 

I didn’t want to devour the book all at once. I wanted to savor it, the way my husband and I used to leisurely share a chocolate soufflé at our favorite French restaurant. 

So that’s what I did.

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve looked at a few pages at a time. Many were images I had never seen before. Many were images that just made me thankful this man and his family were living in the White House when my son was born. In fact, my twelve-year-old son and I looked at most of the book together. 

This is a book that will remain in our family for generations to come.

This is a book of proof – we, as a country, are capable of “this” – opportunity, diversity, acceptance, respect, greatness.

This is a book of promise.

This is a book of hope.