Share the Love

I’m currently reading three books.  One of them, Drew Barrymore’s Find It in Everything, isn’t really a book you read as much as it is a book you look at.  Ms. Barrymore is a fan of hearts, and the book is a collection of random heart-shapes she’s found, sometimes where you’d least expect it, like on a leaf or some tuna steaks.

Sunday was a not good day for me health-wise.  I wasn’t feeling well at all, though I tried my best to not have it interfere with our family’s one day off together.  We didn’t visit a museum like we had planned, but we still had a fun day at home — putting up our Halloween decorations, baking cookies, reading together. 

We went outside on Sunday afternoon for some play-time (though I was “benched” for this session), and as we walked over to the area where we play handball, I looked down and spotted a heart on the sidewalk.  I did a double-take, because I couldn’t believe this heart was there, just waiting for me to discover it.  I walk this sidewalk every day, and never before have I seen this heart.  I took it as a beautiful reminder that things will get better, and though I was having a bad pain and health day, it was a good family day.  I had lots of reasons to smile and lots of love in our family.

And on another note…

Speaking of love, the Los Angeles Sparks are playing their final game of the season tonight in Minnesota.  The Sparks and the Minnesota Lynx have each been putting up a fight during this Finals series.  The score is tied 2-2 which means the winner of tonight’s game is the winner of the WNBA Championship.  Our Sparks won last year, and they’re looking to make it a back-to-back victory. 

But it seems like the Los Angeles Sparks don’t get a lot of the love and respect they deserve.  So to show them we’re thinking of them, I ask you to please click here to read my post “6 Reasons Why Families Should Attend L.A. Sparks Games” published at, and then if you’re on social media, please share the post.  Get the word out.  Let’s share the love and root for these talented athletes!