Still Dreaming the Dream

Ryan (not quite 9 years old), delivering the speech.

Here in the united States, today is a big day. Inauguration Day of our new President and Vice-President. 

Today is historic for many reasons. I’d like to jump up and down (but I can’t), clapping and cheering to celebrate our nation’s first female, first African-American, and first South Asian-American Vice President.

But, here I pause. And bite my lip. And hold my breath. Because I am writing this post before Wednesday, not knowing what the day will bring. I am hoping for a peaceful day. Yet the events from two weeks ago have shown us that peace is not guaranteed.

All I can offer today are words of hope. 

I’d like to share an essay I wrote back in 2017. Though it was written four years ago, I think the words are just as relevant today. Click here to be re-directed to Mamalode to read my essay, “We Hear You Dr. King – We Still Dream Your Dream.”