We’re On the Journey Together

my desk (photo by Wendy Kennar)

On my desk, I have two pictures of my son.  One is his second-grade class photo.  His smile shows a missing front tooth.  He wears a blue polo shirt, his glasses, and he’s in front of a backdrop of autumn trees that he selected.  (The photo was taken in October).

The other photo is from the invitation for my son’s first birthday party.  I look at that face, and I just see everything.  I see all the love, I see all the hope, I see all the promise of a new life.  Everything was still so new — for Ryan and for me. 

We took that photo as he sat on the floor of his bedroom.  He smiled right at the camera as he held a soft little book.  He wore a special “My 1st Birthday Onesie” and jeans.  And his eyes — large, dark Hershey’s Kisses eyes.

Ryan’s second grade picture is the picture of a boy.  A boy who knows how to pose for a photo.  A boy who needs glasses so he can see the board clearly.  A boy who can still enchant me with his dark chocolate eyes.

This week, days before Mother’s Day, I’m thinking of this journey my son and I have been on.  I’m thinking of the journey we’re still on.  I’m learning that it doesn’t necessarily ever get easier.  It gets different. 

One picture shows me where we’ve been.  One picture shows me where we’re at.  And, though I don’t necessarily know exactly where we’re going, I know we’ll be getting there together.

(To my mommy readers, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!  And for my readers who may be looking for a Mother’s Day gift idea, check out this post I wrote for MomsLA.com about easy Mother’s Day crafts kids can make.)

One thought on “We’re On the Journey Together

  1. I love this one!!!! Happy Mother’s Day to you!!! You are an amazing mother who always has your child’s best interest at heart!! I love you!!


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