Meaningful Moments — For Both of Us

Mother's Day cards (photo by Wendy Kennar)
My Mother’s Day cards

One of my favorite moments from Mother’s Day happened during breakfast.  While we were all enjoying our treats from Coffee Bean, my husband asked our eight-year-old son:  “What’s one of the things you really like that Mommy does?  What’s one of the special things Mommy does for you?”

I didn’t know what Ryan would answer.  After all, I give him a nightly rub down.  I pack love notes in his lunch box each day.  I always have chocolate in the house.  He can watch part of a DVD every day after school.      

Ryan surprised me with his answer.  He said, “She reads me an extra story at night.”

Part of our night-time routine is a bedtime story of Ryan’s choosing.  Depending on the length of the book, we may only read one book or one chapter.  But generally, when Ryan asks for another story, I have a hard time saying no.  I check the clock to see that we’re closer to 8:15 than 8:30, and read one more story.  After all, there are nights I don’t even get to read any more.  There are nights when I’m merely the book-holder and page-turner, and my son reads to us.  So I’ve got to grab these moments while I can.

And it made my heart swell to know that these moments mean as much to Ryan, too.

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